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Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation

The VJH Foundation was established in 1981 as an independent society whose sole purpose is to raise capital funds for Vernon Jubilee Hospital. With the establishment of Interior Health in 2001 and the reorganization of health care in the North Okanagan, the Foundation’s mandate expanded.

Today, Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation is responsible for supporting and administering funds for:

Residential Care Facilities

Noric House; Parkview Place; Pleasant Valley Manor; Polson Manor; Polson Special; The Gateby

Community Care Programs

Day Break; Enderby Community Health; Granville Get Away; Lions Vision Centre; Mental Health; Pleasant Valley Health Centre; Vernon Community Health & Public Health Programs throughout the North Okanagan.

Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Vernon Jubilee Hospital and its Interior Health healthcare partners are situated in the North Okanagan.  Working with the community, the Foundation exists to enhance healthcare, improve programs and education in acute care, residential care, community and mental health.

In 2011, the Foundation completed its largest fundraising campaign, raising $7 million to support equipment purchases for the Polson Tower at Vernon Jubilee Hospital.  This was thanks to the generosity of the North Okanagan community.  Reaching this lofty goal was not the end of fundraising needs.

In February of 2012 the community was asked to support the full cost of a renovation and expansion of the McMurtry Baerg Cancer Centre.  $500,000 was raised, with the project completed in 2013.  Most recently the Foundation completed two capital campaigns supporting the hospital, the Take a Picture Digital Mammography Campaign and the Building a Tower of Care Campaign, Phase II.