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White Hearts for VJH

Stronger. Together.

To you, the frontline workers and medical staff at our Hospital and in our North Okanagan community who continue to show up, working tirelessly and selflessly during this unprecedented time.

Our Emergency Department Heroes

We still see you.

We will continue to show our gratitude. Our appreciation. Our thankfulness.

Together when we care and support one another we strengthen our community.

We are Stronger. Together.

Please support our health care workers! Be kind, be generous, be friendly.

And if you like to go a step further, please donate to the Stronger. Together. – Staff Appreciation Fund.

Funds raised will be used to show our ongoing support and appreciation throughout these challenging times for our health care workers. Ideas how the donated funds may be used are cookies for all staff, a breakfast surprise or maybe a coffee card or else.

Do you have an idea what we could do to bring a smile to our health care heroes? Please contact us at the VJH Foundation Office.