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Blog Post The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving



The Gift of Giving

Life’s journey can take you in many directions, but when your driving force is a passion for helping others, you are always heading in the right direction.

This lifelong lesson began early for Paul Docksteader. Growing up in Vancouver as the only son and eldest child of three, his future seemed set. In his youth, Paul began working in his family’s automotive dealership which had been established in the 1930s by his grandfather.

“I started out washing cars and doing lots of odd jobs. Being the owner’s son, I had to work twice as hard to earn my stripes and set an example for others. It was expected of me and I’m grateful for the experience.”

In 1984, at age 28, Paul took over the leadership of the business from his father. Applying the lessons learned from his dad – work hard and treat people the way you would want to be treated – earned him the trust and respect of the staff.

Over the years, the business grew to a staff of 150. Paul says he was blessed to have a wonderful team. “You are only as good as the people around you.”

He also had the opportunity to contribute to his community by supporting charities close to his heart, including care for those with diabetes, breast cancer and health care for kids.

In 2008, Paul’s life was significantly impacted with the passing of his father. “He was such a well-loved and respected figurehead in our lives and in the family business.” Subsequently, Paul received an offer to buy the business, but declined. “I felt an overwhelming obligation to continue the business in my Dad’s name. I had such an emotional connection to it and a responsibility to our team.”

Despite his success in the automotive industry, Paul never considered himself a ‘car guy,’ but more of a people person. Four years later, he was again faced with the difficult decision to sell the family business.

“It was an incredibly emotional decision,” said Paul. “I felt like I was letting my Dad down.” But with a daughter in Florida, there were no more family members to run the business.

After the heart-wrenching decision to sell the company, Paul’s reflection on his life stirred him to write a book of inspirational verses. It took two years to write, and spurred a profound self-discovery.


“I was groomed to be a businessman, but that’s not who I am. I made a shift from corporate to consciousness. For 55 years I was a human doing, now I am human being.”

The next phase of Paul’s journey led him to Vernon, where he was attracted to the slower pace of life, allowing him to focus on two of his enduring passions.

“I’ve always loved golf. I enjoy the discipline it teaches and admire the commitment to a game you can never be perfect at. It’s the ultimate honest game. Like life, you call your own penalties on yourself. If you don’t, you are only cheating yourself.”

Although he had great success in business, Paul had an underlying dream that he never thought possible. “I had always wanted to have my own Foundation.” With the establishment of the Paul Docksteader Foundation, this fulfillment of a dream wasn’t the journey’s end, but the beginning of helping the dreams of others come true.

In 2015, Paul became involved in the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Charity Classic as a Gold Sponsor. When the opportunity arose for involvement as a Title Sponsor, he eagerly rose to the occasion.

The Paul Docksteader Foundation has committed to a three-year title sponsorship for the tournament. The 2017 Charity Classic will take place next September at Predator Ridge Resort.

predator ridgeIn the first seven years the event has netted $1,178,000 which has supported critical care needs at Vernon Jubilee Hospital. The organizing committee has started planning for the 8th Annual Charity Classic event, as the need for life saving medical equipment for our Hospital never goes away.

“I want to be a part of good people doing great things. I think good things should be celebrated and recognized,” he said.

“There are a million ways to give and one isn’t better than another. Everyone has a role to play. It’s important for people to know what their donation brings to the community and how it helps change others’ lives.”

For more information about the Paul Docksteader Foundation , visit the Paul Docksteader Foundation website.

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