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Blog Post TB Vets Charitable Foundation Funds Theravest System for VJH Respiratory Patients

TB Vets Charitable Foundation Funds Theravest System for VJH Respiratory Patients



TB Vets Charitable Foundation Funds Theravest System for VJH Respiratory Patients

Thanks to a generous gift of $16,300 from TB Vets Charitable Foundation, respiratory patients in the North Okanagan can breathe easier.

The donation to Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation was used to purchase a High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) generator and vests for the treatment and therapy of people with compromised airway clearance.

“We are very thankful for the generosity of TB Vets for funding this vital piece of equipment for Vernon Jubilee Hospital,” said Sue Beaudry, VJHF Director of Development.

HFCWO consists of a vest with an inflatable bladder, a pulse generator, and hose connecting the vest to the generator. Patients are fitted with a vest or wrap, then the Theravest machine delivers rapidly repeating pulses of air that squeeze and release the chest wall. This oscillation dislodges mucus from the bronchial walls, thins mucus, and helps to mobilize secretions up the airways to where they can be coughed or suctioned out.

“We try to get patients to use patient-controlled handheld devices first, but for those patients who are to acutely ill or chronically sick the Theravest does the work for them,” said Michael MacAulay, North Okanagan Cardiopulmonary Professional Practice Lead at VJH.

This therapy is used primarily with adults although the system is used for some pediatric patients who have an ineffective cough or poor secretion clearance. Moderate to severe patient conditions that may benefit from the Theravest include cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, atelectasis, aspiration, chronic bronchitis, muscular dystrophies and myopathies and quadriplegic patients.

“The Theravest will help many clients in Vernon and area that are struggling with their breathing when it comes to secretion clearance,” said Kristen Hemsing, Registered Respiratory Therapist at VJH. “The device is easy to operate and comfortable for the clients. Since receiving this generous gift we now have more than six clients that will be seen for weekly 30-minute treatments at the VJH Respiratory Outpatient Clinic.”

The Theravest gently shakes the client’s chest so that the secretions are loosened from the airways, making it easier to remove from the lungs. Many of these clients would not have access to this device without the generous donation from TB Vets.

TB Vets Charitable Foundation is dedicated and passionate about transforming lives and providing hope to all British Columbian’s suffering with respiratory illness… from the newly born to the elderly. TB Vets has been supporting respiratory wellness in British Columbia for more than 70 years.

(photo: Registered Respiratory Therapist Kristen Hemsing assists patient Arvid Hogland with the new Theravest at VJH)

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