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Blog Post Patients to Breathe Easier Thanks to TB Vets Respiratory Grant

Patients to Breathe Easier Thanks to TB Vets Respiratory Grant



Patients to Breathe Easier Thanks to TB Vets Respiratory Grant

Thousands of people in the North Okanagan who are impacted annually by respiratory related issues will now be breathing easier thanks to the purchase of a new state-of-the-art piece of equipment.

The TB Vets Charitable Foundation has granted the Vernon Jubilee Hospital (VJH) Foundation the funds to purchase a GlideScope© Core TM, or video laryngoscope. This piece of surgical equipment was developed for the management of compromised airways, and has been high on the priority list for the medical team at VJH for some time.

“This is a critical and versatile piece of equipment that helps us do our job more effectively without interruptions”, says Dr. Tom Cull, Chief Anesthesiologist.  “It’s our first choice for difficult intubations. Not only does it increase patient safety it also enhances operating room efficiency.”

“This equipment will help give respiratory therapists the ability to visualize airways better and identify problems more readily and clearly, helping patients in the most non-invasive way possible,” stated Michael MacAulay, Respiratory Services Professional Practice Lead. Carrie Garrod, a Respiratory Therapist at VJH, also added “It’s reassuring to know that we have maximum visualization. When the whole team can see what’s on the screen, it helps us predict, and be ready for what comes next – enabling us to provide the best care for patients.”

With the loyal support of donors, TB Vets continues to arm BC’s frontline medical heroes with respiratory equipment, research and education”, said Kandys Merola, Executive Director of the TB Vets Foundation. “We are proud to provide the funding to VJH Foundation to acquire this lifesaving equipment.”


The GlideScope was delivered to VJH earlier this month and has been a welcomed equipment addition to the operating room team.

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