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Blog Post Long wait for new scopes pays off

Long wait for new scopes pays off



Long wait for new scopes pays off

Ambulatory Care at VJH has just received eight new colonoscopes thanks to $275,000 raised by the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation (VJH Foundation) through December 2017 Light-A-Bulb.

Interior Health has joined all the health authorities in BC to increase buying power for certain purchases. Colonoscopes were including in this new process which took a long time to work out. The result, however, is fantastic – the lower price allowed us to purchase more scopes and get even better mileage from your generous donations.

Last year, 6,387 endoscopic procedures were performed at Vernon Jubilee Hospital. VJH surgeons are really excited to have these new scopes to provide the best service to patients in the North Okanagan.

“Half of the patients we scope have benign polyps removed. These are small tumours that can turn to cancer,” said Dr. Hamish Hwang, VJH General Surgeon.  “By removing these polyps, we prevent hundreds of people in our community from getting colorectal cancer every year.”

Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Canada.

Colonoscopes allow non-invasive (no incision required) procedures for surgeons to view inside a person’s body. Scopes are specialized, flexible tubes with tiny high definition cameras on the end. These scopes will be used to diagnose a number of different conditions, including cancer.

During a colonoscopoe images from the camera appear on a screen where the surgeon can see if there are any abnormalities.  Many times, they can address problems right at the moment of discovery and take action to avoid any future issues for the patient. Colonoscopes give surgeons the information needed to take immediate life saving measures.

Dr. Hamish Hwang and Brenda Stevens with VJH Ambulatory Care holding a new colonoscope

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