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Blog Post Light a Bulb Raising Funds for Orthopedic Surgical Equipment

Light a Bulb Raising Funds for Orthopedic Surgical Equipment



Light a Bulb Raising Funds for Orthopedic Surgical Equipment

The Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation’s 28th annual Light a Bulb is underway, with a goal of raising $200,000 to purchase equipment for orthopaedic surgery at VJH.

“This year we are supporting surgical services to decrease wait times for hip and knee surgeries at VJH,” said campaign chair Marg Bailey, who is also a VJH Foundation director.

At Vernon Jubilee Hospital our orthopaedic team is ready to increase hip and knee surgeries. We have operating room space, but we need additional equipment to make this happen. Imagine helping to reduce surgical wait times for your friends, neighbors and loved ones.

Two sets of additional equipment will help surgeons dramatically reduce the wait times for these critical surgeries. Anyone who has experienced bone and joint pain realizes how time is crucial in relieving discomfort. Timely surgery will decrease pain and increase mobility, allowing patients a return to normal activity and a healthier lifestyle. Donations to Light a Bulb will significantly increase the quality of life for those waiting for orthopaedic surgeries.

Last year, 285 hip surgeries were performed at VJH. Currently there are 171 individuals waiting for hip surgery. Surgeons performed 255 knee surgeries but 432 patients continue to have lengthy waits for their surgeries.

The success of Light a Bulb will ensure an increase in the number of hip and knee surgeries to be performed each year at VJH.

Businesses, schools, clubs or organizations wishing to support Light a Bulb through their own special fundraising events are encouraged to contact the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation office at 250-558-1362.

Since 1988, Light a Bulb has raised nearly $4 million to purchase essential medical equipment for the hospital. Each $35 tax deductible gift will light one bulb on the tree of lights a top Vernon Jubilee Hospital; $500 will light an entire string. Every gift great or small brings us closer to our goal. Light a Bulb donation brochures will be distributed throughout the North Okanagan the third week of November.

Light a Bulb Launch Guests

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