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Blog Post How Light a Bulb Helps

How Light a Bulb Helps



How Light a Bulb Helps

Last year’s Light a Bulb Campaign raised more than $250,000 for surgical equipment to reduce wait times for hip and knee surgeries at VJH.  Here is one of the many patients who were helped because of donations to Light a Bulb.

For five years Jewlie Milligan tried to manage her knee pain caused by a sports injury sustained 20 years prior.

“I was on a wait list for surgery, but kept putting it off until I just couldn’t bear the pain anymore.”

Her previous surgeries including ACL and meniscal tear repairs and an exploratory, along with the resultant painful process of physiotherapy made her apprehensive about undergoing the total knee replacement recommended by her surgeon. Finally, the active 58-year-old property manager had had enough of the pain. “When it was too much for me to walk the golf course, I knew I had to do something.

“I saw the surgeon in the fall of 2015, and was told I would get a call in about six months. Three months later, they were ready to take me in.”

By February 2016, Jewlie had a new cobalt-palladium knee. The surgery was performed by Dr. O’Brien at Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

“The surgery went great. Dr. O’Brien was fabulous. My leg has straightened and my knee is strong after the surgery. I also have less trouble with my foot. It’s the rehab part that makes it hard.”

Despite the pain, Jewlie persevered and went to physiotherapy at Vernon Jubilee Hospital every day for the first month after her surgery.

“The physiotherapist was great, and the equipment at the hospital was conducive to properly performing the right exercises for recovery.” Jewlie then went on to a six-week hip and knee course, and continued with physiotherapy and exercising at home.

“You have to take it one day at a time. Otherwise it’s too overwhelming.”  Jewlie also credits her support system of family and friends in her recovery. “Everybody was so good.”

Even though the process was difficult, Jewlie says she would do it again. In fact, she will be having her second knee replacement this fall. In the meantime, Jewlie is enjoying swimming, going for walks, golfing and biking.

To help out with this year’s Light a Bulb Campaign to support high tech camera heads and control units, you can donate online today.

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