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SUN FM Radiothon

Sun FM 17th Annual Radiothon

Make sure to tune in to Sun FM on June 24th, 2020 between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm

Thank you for supporting the Sun FM 17th Annual Radiothon with virtual donations in support of Women’s & Children’s Health Services at Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

Funds raised in our 12-hour day go directly to the highest priority needs within the Women’s and Children’s Department at our hospital.  Despite the pandemic, babies are being born, equipment needs to be replaced, and new technologies are giving staff opportunities to provide even better care.  

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What’s Desperately Needed

This year, funds raised will purchase equipment essential for the critical care of moms and babies during their stay at VJH. Today we require:

Physiological Monitors – $17,600 each

When a newborn baby needs their heart rate, respiration or blood pressure measured, this is all done efficiently through one monitor. Less interruptions and quick response with an alarm should the levels not be in appropriate ranges.

Isolette – $28,000 each

Designed to reduce stress, the isolette is a cocoon-like warm environment for a newborn baby. Often, premature babies are unable to maintain body heat and need to be protected from drafts and cold air and protected from germs.

Bassinets – $4,000 each

When closeness matters, a hospital bassinet is central in delivering great care for newborns. Providing a comfortable sleeping environment, a safe design and height adjustability allows baby to be at eye level with mom, helping to promote mother-infant closeness from the bedside. 

The Sun FM Have A Heart Radiothon is my favourite day of the year! While the format is changing, the intent isn’t. It’s a way for community to connect and support our hospital by giving to where it’s needed most.

Betty Selin, Morning Show Co-Host Sun FM Radio, Speaker, Entrepreneur

We’re so grateful to the Sun FM team and Bell Media for thinking outside the box and creating this new format with us.

Kate McBrearty, Executive Director VJH Foundation

Cheryl-Lynn’s Story

Through the Radiothon and other events, generous people like you give to VJH. Your support helped save my son’s life. Today, our happy, healthy, little son is living proof of what donors like you can do.

Click here to read whole story and message to Radiothon supporters.


Generous, caring people like you helped VJH purchase equipment crucial for keeping our son alive.

Sun FM Radiothon Success

Since 2004, Sun FM Have a Heart Radiothon has raised $824,090 for children at VJH!


Tune in to Sun FM to follow the Have a Heart Radiothon!

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